Walgreens is an American company that operates as one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States. We wanted to propose a more inclusive Walgreens. Our aim was to create a brand that cares for each individual, regardless of age, gender, and nationality.

Walgreens should be a brand for anyone who seeks enjoyable health and wellness support via a shopping experience that is tailored to their own needs. They should be future thinkers who protect the younger generations, social activists who provide help to all races and sexuality, customer-friendly pharmacies that care for the elderly.


Inspired by a prism, which breaks white light up into its constituent spectral colors. This symbol reflects Walgreen's inclusive and diverse ethics and the ideology of bringing the best service to every individual, like how a prism takes in lights and refracts them into rainbows

Poster design

As for the poster, the back graphic shape comes from the idea of light refracting through the prism, and becoming a colorful rainbow, showing howWalgreenss could be a place that fits all. The photo in front represents customers.

The store

The new store is spacious and relaxed, it features vibrant shapes which go along with the identity system.


The stationary features 3 sets the color, and each set goes along with one of the taglines. On the back of the business card, we used mirror paper to convey the idea that Walgreens is a place for every individual.

Brand book