Digital Duette

Digital platforms have forced us to reevaluate how we construct and express our identities in the online world. Evolving technology enables people to reshape their representation beyond the limits of physical constraints, social conventions or binary genders.

As these shifts occur, it’s important for designers to develop a greater sensitivity and deeper understanding of the representation of identity in virtual worlds and to find new ways to create experiences through emerging tools and methods. 


Digital Duette is an interactive experience that transforms the body into a collection of cellular nuclei. As the user engages the the installation, the body is reconstructed, expressing the concept of identity as a socially constructed whole, made from many small parts.


Using computer vision and AI generated imagery, the user can input text prompts to reimagine their identity through algorithmic mediation. Blending physical and virtual representation, the digital imagery is projected on two large spheres to represent the dynamic process of cellular growth.


The third part of the thesis project is an ongoing digital experience that utilizes an online chat system to explore unique dialogues through different personas, particularly those of marginalized groups. Drawing on cyber-feminist thinking, this component seeks to address the issue of missing voices in online spaces. Participants will engage in dialogue with an AI model named IRIS, which has been trained on data sets from marginalized groups.

Process Book