The S.E.E.D. campaign is reimagining the futurism movement with its acronym standing for science, evolution, engagement, and dynamism. I have utilized living organisms as a metaphor in a poster series to express a message of embracing change and highlighting the dynamic advancement of science.

As a designer, I'm always interested in exploring the power of multi-media narratives. In this project, I've challenged myself to find visual symbols that bridge abstract ideas, such as connection, evolution, and intelligence to be accessible to a broader audience.

Therefore in this project, I have explored the potential of displaying a poster in a digital environment. The question I posed was, what if the story could be expanded beyond a simple poster? What if it could be brought to life through augmented or virtual reality? This was an exciting opportunity to imagine new possibilities.

In this project, I've experimented with using visual forms and metaphors to create a system that is flexible across multiple media. In my opinion, designing in 3D is like a process of world-making that allows the designer to create not a duplication but an evolved version of reality.