The curation of a museum is always something that I am interested in. What would a future museum be like? How could a museum become a platform to bridge the gap between regular people and artists? The answer lies in embracing cutting-edge technology and creating an interactive environment.

The Variable X Art Museum aims to provide visitors with an opportunity to connect with current independent artists and offer a highly immersive experience by integrating an adaptive system and algorithms. This approach will bring contemporary art to life and give visitors a truly unique and memorable experience.


The design of identity in this project incorporates a flexible system rooted in the Chinese character symbolizing art, growth, and advancement toward the future.


As a designer, I'm always interested in co-creation, allowing for a more spontaneous approach in my work. Imagine a truly interactive and engaging experience that brings art to life and invites audience participation. How will this transformative experience shift people's perspectives on

painting? Expanding on this concept, we created a "living archive," an interactive installation that serves as a dynamic repository for all the artwork showcased in the museum. The movement of the art piece is generated by audience interaction.


This concept extends beyond the physical walls of the museum, and into the digital space. Our website serves as a virtual museum, providing access to current exhibitions without the limitations of time and location. Visitors can experience the museum's offerings anywhere in the world, at any time, making the art world more accessible and inclusive.


Furthermore, a museum should be not only a place for art exhibitions, but also a hub for community building and education. With the ongoing discussions on the effects of advancing technology on people's careers and creativity,  I believe the museum has an important role to play in this conversation, serving as a liaison between artists and audiences.

With this in mind, we have established a monthly speaker series where artists can share their experiences working at the intersection of art and technology. By fostering communication and education, the museum can help create a deeper understanding and appreciation of art and technology.