Gravel Sand and Water

"Gravel sand and water" explore brutalism through its historical underpinnings, ethical consequence, societal relationship, and future visions. The title derives from the primary element in the concrete mixture; it represents the idea of stripping down an object to its elemental truth. By using the primary substance as the through line in the book design(shown in chemical formula labeled chapter titles and computer-generated microscopic view of each material), the book aims at unveiling a more profound philosophical thinking in brutalism.

I created a poster collection for the "Elements of Brutalism" conference to reignite interest in this architectural style. To challenge its commonly perceived cold and lifeless nature, I used vibrant colors and a maximalist design approach. The poster images resemble microscopic concrete, symbolizing the stripping away of outer layers to reveal the vibrant essence of the material.

Promotional Posters
Book overview
Book spread